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Playing and learning are not two separate activities, they happen at the same time.  Many opportunities are provided at KiDO for Play and Learn.
There’s a whole lot of fun, laughter and learning going on when children experiment, problem-solve, and practice their physical, social, emotional, language, intellectual and creative skills. At KiDO, childhood is a journey full of adventure ... not a race.
With a U.S. Structured program that has worked with over hundreds of thousands of American children and has continuously been improved over 28 years, KiDO age appropriate classes offer active learning program specifically designed to stimulate your child’s development.
KiDO Mission
To provide high quality parent & child activities program in a fun, creative, safe, and homelike environment that supports the family, respects the child, and develops confidence and self-esteem while encouraging social, physical, intelligence, creativity, and emotional development
We are committed to nurturing children, treating them with understanding and positive reinforcement, maintaining a supportive and noncompetitive atmosphere, and making learning fun and exciting.

KiDO is dedicated to improving the lives of Thai children and families. Our mission is to create facilities, programs and services that empower youngsters by helping them acquire the skills, confidence and positive self-image needed to become healthy young adults (body & mind).

KiDO Philosophy
KiDO aim to provide a high quality early childhood Care & Education. Each element of KiDO curriculum, environment, and staffing is a reflection of our underlying educational philosophy and psychology.
The philosophy of the KiDO program is developmentally appropriate and child-oriented , encompassing the development of the whole child. At KiDO, our programs meet the needs of the child as opposed to the child being made to meet the demands of the program.
At KiDO, each child can enjoy the thrill of reaching his or her potential. Most importantly, each child is encouraged to become an enthusiastic learner.

KiDO Goals
Children possess a combination of


Social Goals : Being comfortable in a group (a safe place to practice independence) Successful social interactions (parallel play evolves to shared play) Friendships (mutual respect and trust--child to child, adult to child) 


Physical Goals : Gross and fine motor skills (large and small muscle development) Coordination (eye-hand and eye-foot coordination) and balance Body awareness and confidence (static and mobile) Exercise and Yoga programmed for success 


Intellectual Goals : Math,  Reading, and Writing  readiness Planning and problem solving 


Creative Goals: Creativity stimulation through environment and activities Self-expression (via projects while building self-esteem)


Emotional Goals: Self-confidence: “I am capable”

Positive attitudes, self-control, Self-esteem: “I am lovable”


Language Goals: Language developmentBuilding range of English vocabulary and listening skills

KiDO Team
KiDO Teachers are our most valuable assets.  They  are selected and trained on an ind ividual basis.
The conduct of our KiDO Teachers is done via a strong sense of teamwork . KiDO Team help each other maintain watch over children, assist and lead cooperatively, and actively participate with children in creating the right learning environment.
KiDO management team also works hard to ensure that KiDO culture reflects a genuine care for children and a self-motivated learning atmosphere for teachers. This is reinforced in the ways we recruit and train teaching staff. We are ultimately focused on building a friendly, receptive, and warm KiDO family wherever we are located

KiDO Facility
KiDO facility is composed of a KiDO Gym & Play room and 2 KiDO Activity Rooms. In all of our facilities, we host a small library corner and manipulative play corner to help motivate learning environment. KiDO facility has been strictly designed to comply with both US and Thai Childcare Quality Standards on several dimensions:

Child per square meter footage
Olympic-standard Gym Equipment
Use of materials, equipment,  to maximize safety and minimize hazards

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