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KiDO Daycare develops your little ones to their utmost potential. The fist 6 years in life is a period of fundamental importance in building foundation for the love of life-time learning. Read the Full Story
KiDO Preschool : Preparing for school days ahead KiDO Preschooloffers an active learning program specifically designed to stimulate your child’s development, preparing for the days ahead!! Read the Full Story
KiDO Camp : Fun-Filled Kids Camp for every school breaks KiDO Camp aims to provide your child a safe, worry-free place to have fun learning during school breaks. KiDO Camp offers your children fun-filled packages (from 8:00-16:00 and from 2 to 8 weeks long).  Let KiDO educate & entertain your kids while you and your spouse are at work. Read the Full Story
KiDO is expanding and relocating our Head Office to a bigger & better site! KiDO will relocate to Prachachuen area, right next to Kasemrad Prachachuen Hospital, with enlarged facility and outdoor play area.  

Read the Full Story
KiDO will be managing on-site daycare center for the Bank of Thailand Play And Learn Company Limited, legal entity of KiDO Franchise Master, has entered into an Agreement to provide on-site daycare services under “BOT Childcare Center.”   Read the Full Story
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Saturday, April 17, 2021


KiDO Preschooloffers an active learning program specifically designed to stimulate your child’s development, preparing for the days ahead!!

At KiDO Preschool, your child enjoys classes that cut across all KiDO active-learning activities. KiDO Preschool environment has been planned in such a way that it encourages children to be independent, make choices and decisions in order to develop essential effective learning skills.
Attendance are flexible. Choices can be made as follows: Weekday Preschool: 3 or 5 days a week attendance  from 8:00-14:00  Saturday Preschool: Weekly attendance from 9:00-12:00 on Saturday or Sunday



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First day @ KiDO Daycare

The first day can be a very daunting experience for both you and your child.
Just like starting school, it is an important and exciting step for any child. The most important thing parents can do is be re-assuring and positive and talk to their child in advance so they realize this is a special and enjoyable time in their lives and there’s nothing to be scared of.


Tips For Parents

Children are natural learners – they are curious, interested, and enthusiastic about learning new things. The best way to teach children is to build on play and their natural learning styles.


Contact Info

  • Play And Learn Co., Ltd
  • Life Center, 1003/6 Soi Prachachuen30, Prachachuen Road,
  • Wong Sawang, Bang Sue, Bangkok 10800
  • Tel: 02 677 7511

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